Design with Humans in Mind

We are technology experts helping our clients by creating solutions that work for people.

Internet of Things

Your business is generating data at incredible rates and we believe in ingesting that data to make sense of those things. Your business problems are better understood, solved, and scaled as the data about those business processes are collected, computed upon, and communicated to your users. We ingest data from all your things to generate the insights you need to solve your most challenging problems.

Data Insight and Analytics

Your business needs answers, fast. We consider your needs with an eye with applications that deliver of the right insights at the right time. But behind the scenes, we provide data, charts, graphs, all tailored for your specific needs, to dig deeper once you know where to focus precious time and attention.

Motion Tracking

We are able to increasingly see the world with technology that finds things. We have been building location awareness into software for years in service of infusing your business needs with the power of “where”. We choose appropriate technologies to find your assets, people, paths, routes, speeds, and performance anywhere with the right technologies for your business need.

Full Stack & Native Apps

We solve your problems using the right set of technologies, from bottom to top. We create scalable back-end software, hardware, operations, combined with front-end applications that are beautiful, intuitive, web or native, all with fully modern design and experience built-in.